There is no reason a Rotti who has been brought up with the family since it was a puppy and is loyal and loving to its family shouldn’t be able to be left alone, crated or not crated. Establishing a strong bond with your dog allows you to feel safe when you let them stay home alone for the day, and you can rest assured knowing they won’t destroy your belongings or ruin your flooring.

If you decide to adopt a Rottweiler who has already reached the adult stage, you should definitely avoid leaving them home alone at least for the first few months. Rottweilers are very loyal dogs, and they’re very territorial as well, meaning if they’ve been taken from their first owner who brought them up since they were a puppy, or if they had a rough past especially, they will have a tough time adjusting to a new home.

Regardless of the situation, you should try to avoid leaving out anything that could be potentially harmful to the dog or that would be enticing for the Rotti to chew on. Cords for phone chargers, game console controllers, bags made of certain materials, all these and much more are potentially targets for a chew toy for your Rotti.

Dogs will be dogs, and leaving food out will definitely be a major temptation for them. Make sure you avoid leaving any food within reach of the Rottweiler, especially chocolate or foods that are known to be harmful to dogs. Ensure that they have plenty of things to keep them interested in for a while too, this will help prevent them from snooping around and getting into trouble.

Toys, bones, food, and water are all helpful to have laying around for your dog to have access to while you’re away. If a dog has nothing to do but stare out the window, it will eventually get bored and start looking for a fun activity to partake in, which may include chewing on your shoes. Likewise, if there’s no food or water and the dog gets hungry or thirsty, it will begin to get very restless and could get into trouble.

Following these simple guidelines makes the difference between coming home to your house the way you left it with your Rottweiler, and coming home to a house that looks like a tornado went through it.