• Rottweiler Temperament and Personality

    Rottweiler Temperament and Personality

    There is a widespread concept that the Rottweiler dog breed is simply just a guard dog who is vicious and able to defend their master against attackers. However, this is rather just a common misconception than the actual truth which is, a Rottweiler can be trained to be a vicious […]

  • Do Rottweilers swim?

    Do Rottweilers swim?

    A very high percentage of dogs are able to swim and love to swim around and cool off in the water on a hot sunny day. There are however, quite a few dogs and breeds that are simply not swimmers, either they physically are unable to for whatever reason or […]

  • Do Rottweilers Shed?

    Do Rottweilers Shed?

    When looking to adopt, rescue, or buy any dog, there are several questions that probably pop into the average owners mind. One of the most common, is this dog going to shed hair all over my house? The answer to that question in regards to the Rottweiler breed, sometimes. The […]

  • Do Rottweilers need a lot of Exercise?

    Do Rottweilers need a lot of Exercise?

    All dogs require a certain amount of exercise, although some breeds require a little more than others in order to live a healthy life. Typically larger dogs will need a bit more exercise, but are able to achieve that a lot easier and without much needed for the owner to […]

  • Do Rottweilers make good watch dogs?

    Do Rottweilers make good watch dogs?

    One of the most well-known qualities of the Rottweiler breed is that they make very good watch dogs, guard dogs, and even attack dogs. Unfortunately, a lot of people hear this and assume that they can adopt a Rottweiler and the dog will automatically turn into a personal watch dog […]

  • Do Rottweilers have Health Problems?

    Do Rottweilers have Health Problems?

    There really isn’t any dog breed that you can point out and say that one has a lot of health problems. Sure, there are some that are more prone to certain health conditions than others, but that is perfectly normal and as long as you know what to look for […]

  • Do Rottweilers have Dander?

    Do Rottweilers have Dander?

    The issue of dander can be a deciding factor when one is looking to adopt a pet into their house. Dander is not only a nuisance for the dog itself, but also for the owner because it can really heighten any negative effects brought on by allergies. As for the […]

  • Do Rottweilers get along with cats?

    Do Rottweilers get along with cats?

    Many factors come into play when deciding to adopt a new pet into a family, especially when there are pre-existing pets in the household that may or may not adapt to the new lifestyle. Typically people think that Rottis are strictly vicious attack dogs and that leads them to assume […]

  • Can Rottweilers be left alone?

    Can Rottweilers be left alone?

    There is no reason a Rotti who has been brought up with the family since it was a puppy and is loyal and loving to its family shouldn’t be able to be left alone, crated or not crated. Establishing a strong bond with your dog allows you to feel safe […]

  • Rottweiler Rescue

    Rottweiler Rescue

    For anyone planning to adopt a Rottweiler dog, or even considering the idea, it is extremely important to learn a bit about the breed first to ensure that this is really the right dog for you or your family. The most important factor in adopting a dog is going to […]







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