• Rottweiler FAQs

    Rottweiler FAQs

    Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider a Rescue 10) In a Word–Housebroken. Housetraining a puppy can take awhile. Puppies need a consistent schedule with frequent opportunities to eliminate where you want them to. An older dog can “hold it” much more reliably for longer time periods, and usually the Rescue has […]

  • The Care and Feeding of a Rottweiler

    The Care and Feeding of a Rottweiler

    It is often said, “The way to a Rottie’s stomach is through it’s mouth.” But from there, the path leads directly to his heart! Rottweilers like to eat. Sure, there are the occasional oddball dogs that really could care less about food, but if given a choice between laying on […]

  • Rottweiler Health Care

    Rottweiler Health Care

    Sadly, Rottweilers aren’t perfect. For some reason, they are particularly susceptible to canine parvovirus and must be vaccinated against it as puppies and regularly as adults. There are definitely dangers to over-vaccinating, but a rottweiler puppy should probably get one extra parvo shot for good measure. Ask your vet to […]

  • Training Your Rottweiler

    Training Your Rottweiler

    There are really two aspects of training rottweilers. The first, and most crucial, is your relationship with the dog. It needs to be based on mutual respect. If the dog doesn’t see you as his or her pack leader, the sit-stay you teach him won’t stick when you need it […]

  • Is the Rottweiler the Right Breed for Me?

    Is the Rottweiler the Right Breed for Me?

    Many people find out too late that the answer for them is no! For some people, the Rottweiler is the only breed in the world. It’s important that you understand what you’re getting into when you take a Rottweiler into your home. This is not a Labrador in a Rott […]







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