Many factors come into play when deciding to adopt a new pet into a family, especially when there are pre-existing pets in the household that may or may not adapt to the new lifestyle. Typically people think that Rottis are strictly vicious attack dogs and that leads them to assume they wouldn’t get along with cats or other animals. Both of those ideas are absolutely false, the Rottweiler dog is not necessarily going to be an attack dog, and naturally the dog is very accepting to cats and other dogs.

Sometimes if you bring a full grown Rottweiler into your home and you already have a full grown cat, there will be problems with the cat accepting the dog as a member of the family, and this can create tension from the dog’s end as well. Rottweilers are already very tough to adopt at an older age, they are best brought up from the puppy stage so they’re certain to be loyal to the owner and their family.

If there is continued problems between the cat and the Rottweiler, you may have to decide to find a new home for one of the animals. It is very hard to know exactly what a cat or a dog may be thinking about another animal, and there’s no certain way to know the answer to that either. If they really consider each other enemies, there could be some very serious consequences in keeping them together for an extended period of time.

An important tip for having a Rotti and a cat live together is to have a safe place for the cat to go in times the Rotti might be getting a bit too rowdy. This can be a room where the Rottweiler isn’t allowed so the cat can feel safe, or possibly a house for the cat (not a literally entire separate house), these can be found at many pet stores and are often elevated to help cats escape a dog who is being too playful.

If you really want a Rottweiler and you already own a cat, it is highly recommended you adopt a puppy just so there is a very low chance of any altercations between the two animals since they’ll be able to bond from an early age. By all means don’t fall under the assumption that the Rotti can’t befriend your cat.