The issue of dander can be a deciding factor when one is looking to adopt a pet into their house. Dander is not only a nuisance for the dog itself, but also for the owner because it can really heighten any negative effects brought on by allergies. As for the Rottweiler breed, the short answer would be no, they do not typically have a whole lot of dander.

Unfortunately there is always a risk of your dog having dander issues, regardless of what breed you decide to take home. With Rottis and other breeds, you’ll need to know the proper precautions to take in order to avoid the most dander on your pet’s skin, this will help ensure a fun healthy environment for both the owner and the dog.

There are two main causes of dander in dogs, one is fleas and the other is the food they are eating. Sometimes a low quality brand of food works OK for dogs, but there are other times where it can set off a plethora of dander and other problems for the pet that can easily be avoided by switching to a higher quality dog food.

Fleas are also just a big of a culprit as food in this situation, and much easier to prevent because all dogs should be receiving some sort of flea and/or tick treatment to their skin on a regular basis. Applying this will make your dog’s life much more enjoyable and you won’t have to worry about dander caused by fleas in addition to the protection from fleas in general.

If your Rottweiler has dander issues and you’re already applying flea and tick treatment to their skin, you should definitely entertain the idea of changing their diet. Make sure when you’re looking for a new food to give to the dog, that you find something with different ingredients as whatever you’re currently feeding may have an ingredient that just doesn’t sit well with the Rotti.

When making the switch in food, it is important you slowly mix in the new food with the old to help the dog properly adjust to the new diet. Failure to do so can result in the dog becoming very ill and making a mess on the floor that you’d be better off avoiding. Once you’ve slowly transitioned the food over, check and see if the dander issue is getting any better.