All dogs require a certain amount of exercise, although some breeds require a little more than others in order to live a healthy life. Typically larger dogs will need a bit more exercise, but are able to achieve that a lot easier and without much needed for the owner to do since they’re able to take care of themselves. Rottweilers fall under this category, but it is best to moderate your dog’s exercise habits to make sure they are getting enough, just in case.

A standard rule of thumb for Rottweiler’s exercise is roughly 30 minutes minimum per day, with a more recommended number right around an hour. You should do this in 15 minute increments, so roughly 2-4 short exercise sessions per day. This is a great way to not only get your dog healthy and in shape, but keep yourself in shape as well.

You can do a number of different activities with your dog to help them exercise, the most common is definitely running. Going on a short 15 minute jog with your dog in the morning is a great way to start off your day and their day, it gets both of you awake and ready, plus studies show the best time to exercise is right away in the morning.

Another common routine is just playing fetch with your dog, this is a little less strenuous on the owner, but still provides a good workout for the Rotti. 15 minutes of tossing a ball or a stick for your dog to sprint over to and grab will help them develop their initial running speed and endurance overall. Other activities would include taking your dog out for a swim (if they enjoy the water) or having them run obstacle courses.

Not only is exercise important for the Rottis overall health as with most other dogs, but the Rottweiler breed also has a common health problem known as Hip Dysplasia. This causes the head of the femur bone to not properly align with the hip socket of the dog, and typically requires surgery to correct the malfunction.

A proper exercise regimen can help avoid the common Hip Dysplasia problem found in Rottis, and should be valued highly as this health defect can be extremely painful for the dog and the surgery is very expensive.