When looking to adopt, rescue, or buy any dog, there are several questions that probably pop into the average owners mind. One of the most common, is this dog going to shed hair all over my house? The answer to that question in regards to the Rottweiler breed, sometimes. The Rottweiler breed actually has a double coat, despite the short length of their fur which would lead one to believe there’s no way it has the same type of coat as a St. Bernard.

Essentially how the double coat works is that the Rottweiler will mainly shed in spring when it blows its undercoat, and then again in fall when it does it again. However, with the right grooming techniques the owner can reduce the shedding to where it is barely even noticeable. Regardless of how much the Rottweiler is going to shed, the fact of the matter is the owner is always going to find dog hair throughout the house and on their clothes, and if that bothers them they should avoid owning dogs.

Grooming your Rottweiler and taking care of its fur properly can help ensure that it will stay comfortable and you can get rid of a lot of the hair before it sheds. Using a brush that is soft-bristled will work really well when brushing the Rottweilers fur, it will be the most comfortable for them and it will accommodate their already short fur to make it look better than using another type of brush for the dog being groomed.

If you’re really trying to do everything you can to avoid hairs in the house, you should make sure you are grooming your dog outside, and then allowing it to run around and play outside for a while after the grooming is finished. When brushing your dog, try to brush the fur in the direction it is coming from the skin, rather than going against it, this helps to pull away a lot of the loose hairs on the Rottweilers fur.

The owner or groomer should always try to start brushing from the head and work their way down to the tail. It helps if the dog receives extra attention to their legs and belly area when being groomed, since those areas are a little more important than just the back or the head.