A very high percentage of dogs are able to swim and love to swim around and cool off in the water on a hot sunny day. There are however, quite a few dogs and breeds that are simply not swimmers, either they physically are unable to for whatever reason or they can but choose not to swim. Therefore this is a legitimate question to be asked in regards to the Rottweiler breed, which really is unlike other breeds and wouldn’t be surprising if they were not swimmers since they differ in other areas from the typical dog.

Essentially the answer is yes, a dog of the Rottweiler breed typically will be able to swim and likely will enjoy doing it. If you ask a Rottweiler owner, you may hear differently, and this is because Rottis are so complex in their learning and behavior they can really be interested in a number of different things compared to their brother.

It is possible that a Rottweiler that shows signs of not liking swimming and has never really enjoyed it, may just need some time to adjust to the idea. Often times the dog may try swimming and not really like it because it is out of their comfort zone and this normal for both dogs and humans. The problem is once they’ve tried it and disliked it, they will now try to avoid it if possible. Owners should try to introduce their Rottis to the water and show them that it is safe.

The most common way for an owner to show their dog that the water is OK to be in, is by the owner themselves being in the water and inviting the dog to join them. Once the dog is in the water, it may be scared at first, but if the owner speaks softly to the dog and pets the dog to let it know that everything is going to be fine, it should eventually begin to adapt to the swimming and enjoy it.

Sometimes the method of introducing the Rotti to the water just isn’t enough and the dog may never really enjoy being in the water. If this is the case and the owner has had repeated failed attempts at trying to help the Rottweiler enjoy swimming, the owner should cease and further attempts because the dog may begin to feel unsafe with the owner.