For anyone planning to adopt a Rottweiler dog, or even considering the idea, it is extremely important to learn a bit about the breed first to ensure that this is really the right dog for you or your family. The most important factor in adopting a dog is going to be the owner, matching a dog with a similar personality to the one who is going to be its master is vital to a long healthy relationship with a pet.

There are some behavioral elements of the Rottweiler that can help determine if they will suit a particular type of personality in a human. If someone is willing to cooperate with these key factors, than adopting a Rottweiler should be the beginning of a new companionship.

Adoption vs. Rescue

Rescuing a Rottweiler can be an uphill battle for the average dog owner, and of course it’s a struggle to help any rescued dog adapt to an environment where they can feel safe. The problem with Rottweilers is the fact that they become very instilled in their behaviorisms when they are a puppy, and changing an aged Rottweiler is difficult and even sometimes not possible depending on the dog and the owner.

On the other hand, adoption of a Rottweiler can be tricky as well due to some breeders not taking the proper precautions to ensure a healthy dog. The slightest mishap during the breeding process can lead to a dog with a lifetime of behavioral problems, so make sure you get some opinions from those who have gone through a certain breeder before.

Rottweilers require a lot of Training

Most dogs require some form of training or obedience classes in order to not make things strenuous between the owner and the dog. However, there are quite a few breeds that don’t require a whole lot of training beyond being taught to take care of their business outside and not chew on certain things. With a Rottweiler, this isn’t exactly the case, and it is even more important that you teach them at an early age to obey the rules of the house otherwise it is going to be very difficult later on in their lifetime.


Rottweilers Need an Owner who is a Leader

Since the Rottweiler breed is known for being a strong and dominant dog, it is vital that its owner is able to establish a dominance over the dog and is able to let the dog know that it is not in charge. If the owner fails to establish a leadership in the household, it won’t be long until the Rottweiler begins to assume that responsibility and will then be extremely hard to train and win back the leadership position.

Of course the owner doesn’t need to be harsh on the dog or anything like that, and even if the owner is a more kind or gentle person who is soft-spoken it still isn’t out of the question to get a Rottweiler. It all comes down to having the knowledge and the ability to execute the proper actions to make sure your Rottweiler knows his place in the household.