There is a widespread concept that the Rottweiler dog breed is simply just a guard dog who is vicious and able to defend their master against attackers. However, this is rather just a common misconception than the actual truth which is, a Rottweiler can be trained to be a vicious fighting dog or it can be trained to just have fun with the family and be a friend to the owner.

Loyalty is highly valued in almost any Rottweiler dog, regardless of how it was trained. If a Rottweiler is familiar with its owner from an early age and knows that they are the one who feeds them, takes care of them, and loves them, they are going to be extremely attached to that person and willing to do whatever role is required in the family.

Having guests with a Rottweiler

Although the breed can be very loving and gentle, deep down the Rottweiler will also have some fight in it regardless of how it is trained. Since they are so loyal, the dogs also feel a very strong responsibility to defend the owner and their household, which comes in really handy if there are ever intruders in the household.

However, this can be a bit of a nuisance when you are having guests over who are actually invited, but the Rottweiler isn’t quite aware of this fact and can act aggressively towards them. A fix for this is to simply get the dog acquainted with the guests of the household, but this needs to be done in a very safe and non-threatening way otherwise the Rottweiler may attack.

Training the Rottweiler Breed


The owner of a Rottweiler is going to need to be someone who knows how to lead, this is vital to training the dog since they are rather dominant themselves by nature and will eventually try to lead the human if the human can’t lead themselves. This isn’t to say that the owner needs to be harsh on the dog or discipline the dog for everything that it does wrong, but the owner should definitely never let the dog walk all over him or her.

It is best to start training a Rottweiler right away when they are a puppy, since they will be the most susceptible to allowing your care because they really need it at that stage. Trying to train a Rottweiler who is already a year or two old is going to be very difficult because at this point they may already feel sell sufficient and will not want to start following a new leader.

What makes the Rottweiler breed so desired and unique is the fact that they can really be any kind of dog the owner would like them to be since they are so loyal and willing to adapt to any situation if they are shown from an early age. Overall Rottweilers don’t have a real set personality like a lot of other breeds, but you’ll always be able to tell they are a Rottweiler deep down.